Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby No-Neck!

Happy Father's Day y'all. Coming out of my book-imposed exile to post this charming picture of my son:

Pretty scary, ain't it? Don't worry, the little guy is fine; this is just something he does sometimes when he falls asleep in the car. Or used to do, I should say; this picture is a month old. He doesn't do it anymore:

Now, when I saw Dominic doing this, what do you think my first inclination was? To call the doctor? To examine his car seat? Nah. I was inspired to write a silly song:

(to the tune of "Mr. Sandman")
Baby No-neck!
Sleeping so strange!
It may feel good, but it looks quite deranged...
Your head is one way, your body's another
Baby No-Neck you're gonna scare your mother
Baby No-Neck!
Sleeping so weird!
Having no neck is some-thing to be feared
How did things get into this state?
Baby No-Neck, keep your head straight!

Thank you, thank you. Hey, cut me some slack (no pun intended). You got to find the funny things in life.

Did I mention that my wife is double-jointed? That might have something to do with this...

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  1. Good lord they make inserts for infants so that their necks don't do this. Poor baby.