Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Posted a couple new songs on youtube

"Drink and Pray" - an original. Just another sad, sad song about some darn girl that went and made me cry. 

Cover of Led Zeppelin's "The Lemon Song" (which was ITSELF a cover of a Robert Johnson Song, sort of...never mind, just watch the video. Unless you're a child. Then DON'T watch it because it's gross. Oh. Great. Now you're DEFINITELY going to watch it. Geez. This is the longest parenthetical statement I've made in a while. I thought I was getting better with this. One time I wrote a letter where 95% of it was in parentheses.  Guess who the letter was to? Let's just say she doesn't like parentheses. Enough to dump me, thus triggering the emotional turmoil needed to write songs about drinking and pray-ack.
(strangling sounds) 
Okay I'm back. I had to fight off my wife who, for some reason, just tried to throttle me. (I wonder why. Maybe it's because I keep posting videos of me playing songs about old girlfriends. Maybe it's because-) OKAY I'M FINISHED!!! SORRRY!!! GET BACK!!!!