Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lil' Angels

I'd like to share a cartoon with you - a cartoon from a different era. Enjoy: 
Why is this from a different era? Maybe...a better era?

Maybe because the doctrine of original sin was roundly affirmed (or rather, the denial of original sin is roundly mocked). Maybe because the writers of the cartoon apparently saw nothing at all wrong about an adult yelling at children (particularly bratty children) and forcing them to pray. Oooh. Sounds controversial already, doesn't it? But why?

...And maybe because it's just a great cartoon. If you ask me, the best stuff Disney ever did was these old  cartoons. There's very little "Disney-ish" about them -- the characters aren't cute loveable doe-eyed creatures; they're scrappy, passionate and crazy, just like Looney Tunes (which makes sense since Disney was competing with Warner Bros. in the cartoon era back then). Disney may promote Snow White and Pinocchio as "masterpieces," but I prefer Donald and his epic struggle with the three little hellspawn here.

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